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We optimize staffing levels, improve the quality of care, occupancy and profitability of your healthcare institution.

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The ultimate solution to all your hiring needs.

Nurse Providers Inc Is A One-Stop Solution For Hiring And Recruiting Nurses

Nurse Providers Inc is the ultimate solution to all your hiring needs. 

Nurse Providers is a one-stop solution for hiring and recruiting nurses. We provide qualified, reliable and dedicated nursing staff as-needed or permanently to our clients which include nursing homes, hospices, and hospitals. 

Nurse Providers not only optimizes your staffing levels, we help you improve the quality of care, occupancy and the profitability of your institution. Our clientele includes the most distinguished medical institutions to whom we recruit the best nurses in the country saving them valuable time and improving the quality of their human capital exponentially. 

On the other hand, we provide endless opportunities to talented young nurses (RNs, LPNs, and CNAs) by helping them get jobs with distinguished and reputable nursing homes and hospitals. 

Our Objective 
To provide reliable, trustworthy and dedicated nursing staff to our valuable clients. 

What sets us apart?
We, at Nurse Providers Inc, go out of our way to seek out the best nursing talent, with a stellar record, and the urge to work with a reputable institution. 

Our Screening Process 
Our exhaustive screening process leaves no room for error, ensuring that every nurse hired through us is reliable, trained and talented. Here are some of the aspects of our screening process: 

• In-depth background checks
• Verification of nursing license profiles all previous places of employment
• Criminal background checks
• Drug tests
• Checking of national registry for sex offenders 
• An elaborate medical and physical examination
• TB screening and Hepatitis B vaccination 
• Safety training (OSHA workplace)
• All of our nurses and CNAs are Malpractice Insured
• First Aid Certification
• CPR training 

What do we offer? 
We currently have three different types of nursing staff available which have cleared our extensive screening process and are waiting to be matched in one of our premium clients’ nursing home/hospital. 

Registered Nurses 

Our RNs are stellar graduates from the nursing program and have satisfied all the requirements as stipulated by the local licensing bodies. 

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs)
Our LPNs have completed a minimum of one year of formal education pertaining to nursing and hold a diploma or a certificate. 

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNAs)
Our CNAs are young individuals, handpicked to work under registered nurses in different healthcare facilities

Work with us
If you are a fresh college graduate RN, LPN or a CNA, contact us now! With an ever-growing list of clients, we are one of the most preferred nursing staff providers in the country! Apply with us now to ensure a secure and amazing job! 

Hire us to hire for you or let us fill the hours you need covered
If you are a nursing home or a hospital administrator looking to hire exceptionally good nurses, look no further! Nurse Providers Inc will save your valuable time and resources by offering you the best and the most talented nurses in the country! 

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We cover all hiring costs,

 including the costs incurred by us during our extensive and thorough screening process. So save your valuable time and resources by allowing us to do your hiring for you!

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